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Deck and Wishing Well

This on-going project involved changing the outer facade of the main entrance of the house to match existing board-and-batten style as well as building a multi-level cedar deck and renovating a small wishing well with a cedar shingle roof.


Flagstone Walkway and Stone Retaining Wall

Created for barbeque and picnic area next to pool


New Front Entrance

Removal of old interlocking brick entrance prior to intallation of multi-level cedar deck.

Wishing Well

Rebuild wishing well and add new cedar shingle roof.

New Front Deck

Partially complete new multi-level cedar deck.

New Front Deck

Wrap-around deck joining front porch.

New Front Deck

Lower level cedar deck with cedar flitch border (spiral stairs to be added).

Cedar stair to driveway

Winding cedar stairs leading from driveway to the first level of the deck. Flitches on right side of stairs to give a rustic appearance.

Retaining wall

Two level retaining wall constructed of cut stone (dry-fit) following the contour of the landscape.

Retaining stone wall

Stone wall encompassing newly created flower bed.

Spiral stone stairway

Ascending stepping stones from driveway to uppermost platform.

Stone Retaining wall

wrap around wall for picnic area and fire-pit

Flagstone patio

3 tier flagstone walkway

space stone for more natural look

flagstone pressed into limestone screening